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Ibiza possesses many treasures. The island itself has great landscape of blue sea and reddish earth, rough rocks and sunny orchards where oranges and apricots grow alongside mint and jasmine. There are the ancient olivetrees which were brought to Ibiza by the Phoenicians thousands of years ago, the white houses glowing along side of lush hills and the high cliffs transmitting a sens of transendence.


There are the people that have inhabited the island through-out history from the Phoenicians, Romans and Spanish to the more recent arrivals of visitors today. It has been for so long a kind of miniature magnet that draws different people towards it, not only because of its mediterranean beauty, but also originating from something deep within the earth itself. There is a special energy, an intensity in which the spiritual and the earthly dimensions overlap and dance together.


The name Ibiza derives from the phoenician god Bes which was a symbol of fertility, music, dance and celebration of life. And even today this spirit is living on. Ibiza is a central point for music and art. Although the mass of tourism has threatened the natural beauty of certain parts of the island, in fact much of it still remains relatively untouched, retaining it’s natural charm and beauty.


It is this side of Ibiza which most of the tourists will never see. With the help of an experienced guide or on your own, you will walk along paths very few ever experience, allowing the natural beauty and power to be an inspiration and reflect itself in your dance and meditations.

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