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Communication with horses & YOGA


with Sandra Morrel and Maya Kellenberger

This course is available on the following dates


19th until the 26th of October


11th to 18th of April
17th to 24th of October


Course 895.-

Accommodation and meals 595.-

with Sandra Morrel and Maya Kellenberger



Natural horsemanship teaches you how to relate to the horse with sensitivity, respect and clarity. It’s about partnership and real communication rather than domination.

During these days you will learn how to use your body and breath with greater awareness, and experience the effect this has on the horse. You are taught a mutual language for you and the horse, and how to play together. 

Horses are highly sensitive being which reflects like a mirror the way we relate to him and to ourselves. They are great teacher if we open to his way of communication. We will learn how to be a trustworthy leader combining gentleness and strength, listening and giving clear directions. To work with horses teaches us to let go of expectations and relating from the heart instead of  wanting to achieve something.When you have established a connection of trust, friendship & natural leadership and a deeper understanding of the horse, a more refined quality of being with horses will be possible. 




The daily movement practice includes meditation, yoga, somatic awareness and breath work which brings a deeper understanding and sensing of the body. It develops strength, flexibility and balance and reconnects you with the core muscles of the pelvis, the center of gravity. It also deepens the experience of inner harmony and presence within. 

These are all qualities which will support the relationship between you and your horse in a profound way.

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