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The breath brings life, spaciousness and vital energy (prana) into the body. With the practise of Pranayama the yogi/yogini regulates the flow of Prana. It is purifying and strengthening the entire energetic system.


„Pranayama is essential. It is the practice that connects our inner energy with the universal flow of energy“.


Meditation - Dhyana


„Meditation is the highest form of prayer, and what is prayer but the expansion of your self into living cosmos“

                                          the spirit of yoga, Rham&M.Gill



Vijnana Yoga


„To a mind that is still, the whole univers surrenders“

                                                          Lao Tszu


Is developed by my teacher Orit Sen Gupta, and is a form of Hatha yoga. It works with the following elements:

Inner presence

Before each practise there is a sitting Meditation letting the mind settle into stillness.This quality of consiousness is essential for the practise of Asanas and Pranayama.


Feeling the body from the inside

Becoming more sensitive for the small movements, the place where it all starts from. Feeling carefully into small shifts. Connecting with the alignment of the bonestructure which brings us the closest to the center of the body. Then it is possible to relax the outer body. As we start to find the connection within we become able to move with greater lightness and poise.


The seven Movement principles

They are a set of guiding principles which let body and mind move as a whole. This means the body becomes rooted and connected from the inside. As a result you experience a powerful combination of strength, lightness and flexibility. Integrating theses principles in our practise refines the body awareness and deepens the experience of inner harmony and presence within.


The  7 principles are:

  • Relaxing the body

  • relaxing the mind

  • focusing through Intent

  • rooting

  • Connecting

  • Awareness of breath

  • Expanding – Elongating and widening


Relaxing the body


Become aware of tention, release it with the outbreath. Scan the body, from the top to the bottom, surrender into the ground.


Relaxing the mind

The moment we position ourselves on the mat, we distance ourselves from the impuls to react to the world. We focus our attention within. Any emotions like fear, anger, irritation, tiredness etc. we simply notice. We observe ourselves and our practise from an inner silence.


Focusing through Intent

Finding clarity of direction in the body and in space. Focus the energy, see the following action in your mind's eye. Follow your intention.



This is the relationship with the earth. Sinking into the ground, connecting with it, allowing each toe to be in touch. Gaining understanding of the force of gravity and learning how to use it.When I allow a downward movement to happen, an upward movement follows. If one is firmly rooted through the touch of the feet into the ground, the upper body can move freely above.

Like a tree, because its roots are growing deep into the earth, he can spread out high with ist branches towards the sky.



Through the rooting an inner connection can happen. From the center to the periphery.The body learns to move as a whole. It has found an inner alignement and knows how to direct the energy through the body.


Awareness of breath

Inhale – exhale. Enjoy each breath as it fills your lungs, as it opens the body from the inside.


Expanding – elongating and widening

When rooting is happening with the outbreath, then the inbreath expands into elongation and widening. The body becomes light and joyous. A moving meditation, each movement being born out of breath, connectedness, rooting and inner silence.



My teaching is inspired by this style of yoga. It creates softness in body and mind. I love the process of slowly tuning my body, gaining consciousness about the breath, about each move. With each sequence I am entering deeper into an inner silence, the outer body relaxes and an inner connecting is happening. It feels liberating and deeply centering.







Throughout history people have sought to understand our core consciousness. The great sages and mystics of India who studied these matters, found that in deep meditation when their bodies, minds and senses were stilled, they entered a different state. In this state they experienced a union with reality, beyond time and change.


Yoga is the search for this union with the essence of life.


Asana, Pranayama and Meditation are 3 aspects of the eight folded path of yoga founded by Pantanjali (between 200B.C. – 200)




Asanas are the physical practise of yoga, opening and strengthening the body through movement and breath.

They are „still points“ within the flow of sequences leading the practitioner in deeper awareness.


It is a meditation in action where you learn to be present in the moment, listening with all your senses and loving attention to your body. In yoga the body becomes a doorway to discover deeper realms of yourself tuning body and mind into a finer vibration.



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