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Body & Soul in Motion

14th to 19th of April 2019


course 500.-

Accommodation & meals  380.-


Body & Soul in Motion

Dance your desires – Create your life


You do not have to be good… you only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves…” (Mary Oliver, Dream Works)

This retreat offers an intenslve, inspirational, heart opening approach in daily creative mouvement practice while experimenting with new, meaningful and evolutionary experiences  through somatic movement practice, open dancing and spontaneous creation.

Relax, celebrate, play and tone up for the year to come.

Have fun with new ways to be yourself, to meet others and the world around you.

Enjoy who you are and discover new horizons of wellbeeing and creative flow


recognizes the sensitive, awakened Body as key and primary source for any creative and or transforative process.  It applies the intelligence and efficiency of avantguard body-mind methods, like Release Technique and Body-Mind Centering used to enhance perfomance , prevent injury and develop the learning potential.



uses our natural impulse to move, to awaken your potential to create and to express one's deepest desires, to open up new ways to be.

By letting our deepest desires dance through us, we  become clearer about what we really want and need to create: in our private and professional lives, as well as in art making.



invites movement to emerge spontaneously and intuitively, out of sensory body awareness.

Based on fundamental principles of anatomy and the physical laws of motion, relaxation and movement imagery, Sensorial Dance is holistic and tranformational as it etablishes better alignment, integrates the different activities of the brain and enriches creative expression.

Accessible to everyone, from complete beginners to professional movers, the efficiency of SD  lies in its capacity to naturally enhance everybody's innate learning potential and movement skills, on any level.



Let Go & Rest

Come home into your body through Massage & Relaxation

Awaken your senses through Somatic Bodywork

Find YOUR flow of creative imagination through Authentic Movement, Open Dance journeys and Contact Improvisation.


Tone up

through daily Yoga practice, 

by walking and moving in nature,

and by letting the mediterranean climate charm you out of wintersleepiness and into imagine the upcoming year you deeply desire.



Create & Play

Experiment with new visions of yourself and your life. Clarify your deepest desires, passions and talents,

Let yourself experience many dances, movements, images, stories, gestures, leaving your unique traces in space, on sand, on paper, and in our memories.


Envision and prepare your next steps to take, in order to create the new life/year you desire.


Take home

New viewpoints and qualities you want to share with the world

The notes of your Creative Journey Logbook.

Basic Body-Mind Wellness techniques and tools to do by yourself or together with friends and family.

Communication through Body-Language and Sensory awareness.
























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